When Do I Have to Probate?

September 16, 2015

last-will-and-testatment-iStock_000001424212SmallClients have many misconceptions when it comes to Probate. This article will help clarify the more common uncertainties.  First off, having a Will does not avoid probate – it is merely a roadmap in which to navigate Probate.

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Why Should I Form a Business Entity?

August 19, 2015


There are two good reasons business owners should form a business entity – ASSET PROTECTION and CREDIBILITY.

Asset Protection: If you operate a business that is not registered with the Secretary of State, then you are operating as a Continue reading

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VA Eligibility Changes

April 24, 2015

He's always been my hero!He's always been my hero!He's always been my hero!iStock_000038685500LargeVA Aid and Attendance Pension Eligibility Rules are changing. Veterans and their spouses benefit from a monthly pension called Aid and Attendance to assist with payment of long-term He's always been my hero!care expenses (e.g.  care providers, assistance with activities of daily living, wound care, etc.,) provided the Veteran’s assets and income are below the cap established by the Veterans Administration.

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Unclaimed Property

November 14, 2011

Executors should always check for unclaimed property as part of the administration of estates. Georgia has an unclaimed property section of the Department of Revenue. The following address directs you to the search screen. If the estate is outside of Georgia, use Missing Money Website to search.

Georgia Department of Revenue Search Screen

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