Medicaid Planning & VA Planning

One of the scariest thoughts by parents and loved ones of seniors is that the expense of long-term care will exhaust the person’s assets (i.e., you outlive your money). The elder law attorneys at Bryson Law Firm assist families in understanding the eligibility requirements for nursing home Medicaid and Veterans Administration (“VA”) benefits. We then make a recommendation and assist with implementing a practical plan that considers a person’s assets, income, intentions, family dynamics, and care expense.

Medicaid Planning & VA Planning

Whether the family is reacting quickly in a crisis or advance planning for long term care, the elder care attorneys of Bryson Law Firm customizes a plan to pair the appropriate government benefit with the client’s particular care need. Related to the government benefit planning, Bryson Law Firm also provides strategies to minimize the effect of Estate Recovery and utilize special needs trusts for the successive generations.

Elder care attorney Richard Bryson and his team are experienced in helping families understand the various options available to meet the needs of aging parents. Bryson Law Firm assists clients in developing a customized plan to manage and protect family assets. The final recommendation considers Medicaid and VA Regulations, intentions of the family, asset protection, and tax avoidance.

For all questions related to government benefits and protection of family assets in Georgia, contact the elder care lawyers at Gwinnett County’s full service elder law firm to discuss your family’s unique circumstance at (404) 909-8842 or

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