Protecting Assets While Qualifying for Medicaid

March 10, 2017

Attorney Bryson is speaking at a seminar for professionals about safeguarding the financial future of elderly clients through asset protection.  The seminar includes strategies and techniques to qualify for government benefits such as VA and Medicaid.  The presentation Continue reading

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Why Should I Form a Business Entity?

August 19, 2015


There are two good reasons business owners should form a business entity – ASSET PROTECTION and CREDIBILITY.

Asset Protection: If you operate a business that is not registered with the Secretary of State, then you are operating as a Continue reading

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Business Formation Basics

July 17, 2015

If you have a business, why should you form a business entity?  There are two big reasons – ASSET PROTECTION and CREDIBILITY.


Asset Protection:  If you operate a business that is not registered with the Secretary Continue reading

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Probate vs Operation of Law

February 24, 2015

Estate Planning is much more than just signing your Last Will & Testament.  Many clients believe that a Will supersedes all other contracts and designations.  In reality, the outcome is completely the opposite.  A Will only controls “probated assets.”  What exactly is a probate?  In practice, the probate consists of assets not otherwise distributed or handled at your death.  Essentially, they are the assets remaining in your name that do not have joint ownership or designations; a bank account that was in solely your name would be “probated” and passed down according to your Will.  The following are examples of assets that pass outside of probate and are thus not controlled by your Will.

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