Tax Planning & Compliance

tax-returns-iStock_000005855720SmallTaxes have always been and will continue to be a very confusing area for most of our clients. Despite best efforts, many people find that items may have been overlooked, resulting in a higher tax payment or indebted to the IRS or state. The Bryson Law Firm associates are experienced in filing individual, small business, trust, and estate tax returns for Federal and all state tax returns. Bryson Law Firm also assists with tax dispute resolution by representing individuals and businesses before the IRS and state agencies to negotiate offers-in-compromise and installment agreements for outstanding tax liabilities.

In addition, we provide tax planning services to minimize taxes, including the following situations:

  1. Evaluate distributions from retirement accounts, including illustrations to stretch the tax deferral to subsequent generations;
  2. Assist in analyzing and avoiding income tax due to inheritance;
  3. Avoid Estate Taxes when passing assets to children and heirs;
  4. Defer Income Taxes to future years through tax-deferred exchanges and step-up in basis strategies;
  5. Appeal property tax valuations with the county and local governments;
  6. Plan for continuance of property tax exemptions when transferring assets to family members; and
  7. Assist in analyzing and minimizing tax due to life changes such as death and divorce.

The experienced lawyers and paralegals at Bryson Law Firm in Suwanee, Georgia are dedicated to helping clients comply with the laws while taking advantage of all available deductions and planning opportunities related to income, estate, and property tax.

Attorney Richard Bryson’s tax experience dates back to 1994 when he worked for a CPA in Chicago while in law school. Contact Bryson Law Firm for any planning, compliance, or dispute resolution questions involving Georgia or Federal tax matters at (404) 909-8842 or

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