Issues Involving Minors in Estate Planning

Minors (in Georgia, anyone under the age of 18) create two primary issues in estate planning: A. Minors can’t consent so proceeding in Probate Court will require a court-appointed representative to speak for the minor — yes even if there is a liv… Read More
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Asset Protection Using An LLC

Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) provide an easy opportunity to protect investment assets such as real estate, equipment, rental properties, and other assets held for business or investment. Although some may try and stretch the asset protection be… Read More
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Access and Visitation of Parents

As children grow apart both geographically and emotionally, the sibling rivalry can rear its ugly head when a parent(s) is disabled or easily manipulated. For example, Mom is living with her daughter. Mom’s son wants to visit Mom but the daughter r… Read More
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Moving to a New State–Are New Estate Documents Needed?

Are new estate planning documents (Will, Trust, Financial Power of Attorney and Advance Directive for Health Care) needed when moving to a new state? If there’s a good chance that your move will prove to be either an extended one or permanent, then… Read More
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VA Aid & Attendance Pension Lookback

The Veteran’s Administration is now enforcing a 3 year look-back for gifts made by veterans as part of eligibility for VA Aid & Attendance Pension benefits. Essentially, any transfers by a veteran without fair market compensation will result in… Read More
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Protecting Assets While Qualifying for Medicaid

Attorney Bryson is speaking at a seminar for professionals about safeguarding the financial future of elderly clients through asset protection. The seminar includes strategies and techniques to qualify for government benefits such as VA and Medicaid.… Read More
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Updated Duration Allowed For Georgia Irrevocable Trusts

Georgia House Bill 122 to change the Rule Against Perpetuities for trusts. Georgia irrevocable trusts are currently limited to a maximum of 90 years. The proposed change will assist families with legacy planning and protection of assets intended to e… Read More
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Financial Wellness Seminar

Attorney and financial adviser Richard Bryson to present on strategies for asset protection and legacy planning at the annual Financial Wellness Seminar held at Mountain View West Church, 4818 Hugh Howell Road, Stone Mountain, Georgia on Saturday, Ma… Read More
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Duration of Trusts

House Bill 122 introduced in the Georgia General Assembly in week 2 of the Legislative Session proposes to expand the number of years a trust may hold assets. Currently, the limitation is 90 years. This duration is not an issue when the objective is… Read More
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When Do I Have to Probate?

Clients have many misconceptions when it comes to Probate. This article will help clarify the more common uncertainties. First off, having a Will does not avoid probate – it is merely a roadmap in which to navigate Probate. Simply stated, Probate i… Read More
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