Pets and Your Estate Plan

Have you ever worried about what would happen to your animals after your death? Would there be someone willing to step in to love and care for your pet? Can you name a pet as a beneficiary in your Will? For most, our pets are like our “children”,… Read More
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Why Should I Form a Business Entity?

There are two good reasons business owners should form a business entity – ASSET PROTECTION and CREDIBILITY. Asset Protection: If you operate a business that is not registered with the Secretary of State, then you are operating as a sole proprietor… Read More
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Business Formation Basics

If you have a business, why should you form a business entity? There are two big reasons – ASSET PROTECTION and CREDIBILITY. Asset Protection: If you operate a business that is not registered with the Secretary of State, then you are operating as s… Read More
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Free Educational Event

Richard Bryson is no stranger to public speaking. On August 29, 2015, he spoke to a group at Duluth United Methodist about legal issues involving health care decisions. On October 22, 2015, Richard is hosting two events at Buford’s Community Center… Read More
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How to Administer Estates Containing Firearms

One of the biggest challenges to Executors in probating estates occurs when firearms are included. The initial issues are obvious: How do you legally transfer possession to the beneficiary? What if the beneficiary lives in a city that does not permit… Read More
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When Should Revocable Trusts Avoid Probate?

Although there are many good reasons for their implementation, Revocable Trusts are too often promoted for the wrong ones. Revocable Trusts are commonly referred to as Living Trusts or Revocable Living Trusts (hereinafter referred to as “RLT”) an… Read More
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VA Eligibility Changes

VA Aid and Attendance Pension Eligibility Rules are changing. Veterans and their spouses benefit from a monthly pension called Aid and Attendance to assist with payment of long-term care expenses (e.g. care providers, assistance with activities of da… Read More
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Minimizing Sibling Disputes

Sibling rivalry is not limited to the primary years. In fact, the most challenging of times for many sibling relations involves the care and management of parents (and assets) late into adulthood. Here is the scenario: kids grow up like all others … Read More
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Paying for Long-Term Care

Assisted living and nursing homes can be scary thoughts for many of us as we enter our later years of life. Thinking about the possibility that we may find ourselves or our loved ones in need of moving to one of these care facilities can be difficult… Read More
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Probate vs Operation of Law

Estate Planning is much more than just signing your Last Will & Testament. Many clients believe that a Will supersedes all other contracts and designations. In reality, the outcome is completely the opposite. A Will only controls “probated asse… Read More
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