Income Tax Saving Tips for 2014 Returns

Tax Season is upon again upon us. It can be a stressful time for anyone as it seems that there are constant updates to the tax codes and laws that make it nearly impossible for the average American to keep up with them. Fears of overpaying taxes or a… Read More
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Seminar: All-Pro Dads

Bryson Law Firm Attorney Richard Bryson spoke at the Buford Academy and Sugar Hill Christian Academy All-Pro Dads events on January 13 and January 23, respectively. All-Pro Dads is a special occasion where fathers attend a morning meeting with their… Read More
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Settling Trust and Estate Disputes Without Litigation

Attorney Richard S. Bryson, with Bryson Law Firm, P.C., hosted a live teleconference on avoiding costly litigation when resolving trust and estate disputes on December 3, 2014. The seminar was designed to educate estate and trust attorneys, accountan… Read More
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Investing in the Future

Earning a college degree is growing more imperative to ensuring long term financial stability and success. Paying for this degree can be a daunting task for anyone, especially with the rising costs associated with higher education. How can we secure… Read More
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Video – Bryson Law Firm: Speaking Engagement Promo

Bryson Law Firm, – Speaking Engagement Attorney Richard Bryson is an experienced speaker on a multitude of subjects from establishing guardianship designations for young families to asset protection for VA or Nursing Home Medicaid benefits planning… Read More
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A New Holiday Tradition — Family Meetings

Many families gather together to share in this wondrous and magical time of the holiday season, but it can also be a time to address important family topics — estate planning or elder care needs. While all are together, begin a new holiday traditio… Read More
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Estate Planning

Estate planning is not just having a Last Will and Testament. A common misconception among clients is that life insurance and retirement accounts are controlled by the Will. In reality, the beneficiary designations on life insurance and retirement as… Read More
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Avoiding Losing Assets

The bad news … money and assets are lost and never recovered by loved ones of the departed in a high frequency of estates. The good news (or at least not so bad news) … the total value of money and assets lost is likely less than $1,000. Here is… Read More
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Senior Planning

Of all the challenging decisions involving a senior, the hardest has to be the maze of choices involving care options. When a senior lacks mental or physical capacity to live alone, the choices are not obvious. Can the senior continue to stay home wi… Read More
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Estate Taxes

It comes as no surprise to anyone that action or inaction by Congress in 2012 will drastically alter the estate tax landscape. The estate tax exemption (i.e., amount of assets not subject to estate tax at your death) will go from $5 million to $1 mil… Read More
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