Lower Your Property Taxes

Although property taxes can’t be avoided, they can certainly be minimized. The following strategies will ensure you are not paying more than your fair share: Regular appeal of value (we can handle this for clients in Georgia); Apply for all exempti… Read More
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Unclaimed Property

Executors should always check for unclaimed property as part of the administration of estates. Georgia has an unclaimed property section of the Department of Revenue. The following address directs you to the search screen. If the estate is outside of… Read More
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Protect Your Assets

An effective family asset protection plan is to transfer assets to an irrevocable trust. In the trust, you can preserve property tax benefits for the home-place, minimize income taxes at death, provide for asset management due to incapacity, and allo… Read More
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Credit Benefit

Aside from asset protection and tax planning, another benefit to holding assets in a business entity is credit. When structured properly, business entities allow you to keep business loans off of the owner’s personal credit history. Business loans… Read More
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Richard S. Bryson has over 20 years of experience with trusts, estates, business formation and representation, asset protection, incapacity planning, elder law and tax planning.

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