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Issues Involving Minors in Estate Planning

Minors (in Georgia, anyone under the age of 18) create two primary issues in estate planning: A. Minors can’t consent so proceeding in Probate Court will require a court-appointed representative to speak for the minor — yes even if there is a liv… Read More
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Updated Duration Allowed For Georgia Irrevocable Trusts

Georgia House Bill 122 to change the Rule Against Perpetuities for trusts. Georgia irrevocable trusts are currently limited to a maximum of 90 years. The proposed change will assist families with legacy planning and protection of assets intended to e… Read More
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When Do I Have to Probate?

Clients have many misconceptions when it comes to Probate. This article will help clarify the more common uncertainties. First off, having a Will does not avoid probate – it is merely a roadmap in which to navigate Probate. Simply stated, Probate i… Read More
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Pets and Your Estate Plan

Have you ever worried about what would happen to your animals after your death? Would there be someone willing to step in to love and care for your pet? Can you name a pet as a beneficiary in your Will? For most, our pets are like our “children”,… Read More
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